Christ Lutheran Church

Puerto Rico Mission Trip

This summer several members of local Lutheran churches gathered and flew to Puerto Rico to help with rebuild from last years hurricane. They are working on another trip. Please see Ramon Marquez for further information.

Youth Group

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Opportunity House

Church staff and volunteers help serve an evening meal to the residents at Opportunity House.

 Opportunity House changes lives by educating, housing, feeding, and empowering people to stand on their own feet. 

Visit Opportunity House at: 

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends gathers monthly to enjoy a night out for dinner and fellowship. 

Reservations are made by Peggy Berringer for each event, so sign-up is necessary. Simply sign up on Christ's bullentin board or contact Christ's church office at 610-376-0311 by the Tuesday before the gathering. All are always welcome!

Glenside AA Group

 Glenside AA Group Sunday's at 7:00 PM Christ Lutheran Church (O, DISC) 

 (O) Open to Anyone ,  (DISC) Discussion Meeting 

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